Installation & Startup

  1. Download WinRoamSetup.exe and store in a temporary folder on your desktop computer

  2. Place your Pocket PC device in its sync cradle and make sure it is connected via Microsoft's ActiveSync.

  3. Run WinRoamSetup.exe and follow on-screen instructions. WinRoam will be installed both on your desktop and device.

After a successful installation, the WinRoam desktop program will be automatically started. You will notice its icon in the System Tray on the taskbar. Right-click on the icon on the taskbar, you can stop the program by selecting "Exit". The WinRoam desktop program will be automatically started upon restart. To restart WinRoam Desktop manually, exit the program first, then select WinRoam from the Start menu.

To use WinRoam on your Pocket PC device, tap WinRoam from the Start menu. Select Help from the Help menu to get more information on how to use the software.


You may use WinRoam for free for a 15-day trial period. Any further use after expiration of the evaluation requires that you purchase an end user license. After placing an order, you will receive via email the Registration Code which you will need during the registration process on your Pocket PC device. To purchase a license, click here.

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