With WinRoam, you can:

bulletOrganize files in a familiar Windows file explorer style interface
bulletAccess ANY file on a PC or server over network (anything you have permissions for)
bulletBrowse computers on the network
bulletConnect to your PC with the same username and password as your regular login to prevent unauthorized access
bulletSend/receive data over a secure connection (SSL - Secure Socket Layer)
bulletEncrypt/decrypt data on your device
bulletSynchronize folders between device and PC wirelessly without using ActiveSync and cables
bulletCompress data automatically (if desired) when transferring data to reduce access time
bulletView and/or modify files
bulletCopy and move your files
bulletAutomatically synchronize changes with remote files
bulletView detailed file/folder properties
bulletDouble tap to run any program
bulletAssociate an application with a file extension.
bulletSpecify the types of files to be displayed

Compatible platforms:

bulletPocket PC 2000, 2002, Windows Mobile 2003
bulletWindows 2000, XP.

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